Music Technology

Spreadsheet: Virtual Instruments

I just want to share something I’ve been working on… I’m a part of many Facebook groups answering a lot of technical questions about live keyboard playing and we got asked for recommendations of other Piano or EP or Organ sounds all the time. So I set out to list all that I can find myself. If you want to discover new stuff, this is it. Finally, I think I’m done with finishing this spreadsheet, I’ll add more if I find more in the future. I only included the list prices, no discount prices, except some that I see have been on sale like forever. There are sizes on disk for a lot of them, methods of reproduction, and of course, the types and brands of the instruments. They are sorted in order of the vendors/manufacturers. There are no reviews, probably I might add another column in the future but there are demos and reviews out there already. These lists are just to give you exposure. Also, I only list products that are still on the market/available online, so no more discontinued products like the old Kontakt pianos. No synthesizers either because there are way too many (which means no FM E.Piano either); unless they’re in a bundle or package. 

I’ve been working on the lists on and off for quite a while (the original file says created on July 30), just making sure I’m not missing anything that’s available on the market. Really the ones that I was figuring out the longest were SampleTekk’s pianos with their absurdly managed product descriptions. There are also a lot of great free instruments especially from VST4Free and BigCat Instruments, to avoid overpopulation (there are already more than 150 piano entries) I picked some I think are better, but I included the link which contains all of the products.

Here is the spreadsheet (originally created on Numbers), if you need better piano samples but you’re low on budget or just wanting to find new stuff. It is view-only; if you want to add an entry, just PM me if you find any good ones or if I forget your favorite ones. These links would work even after updates.